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Health Scientist / Homeopath
Mark Bethune
BHSc, Adv. Dip HSc (Hom), FIIAH

Your health is your most important asset. It makes sense to invest in maintaining optimal health.


It is unfortunate that today in Australia many people are unaware of the potential benefits of Homeopathy and other CAM therapies. On a personal level, the private investment I have made in health study and experience has certainly paid dividends for my health. 


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Homeopathic preparations
HRI Conference Barcelona 2013, during her presentation, Professor Iris Bell MD, PhD states;

"In the Organon,
Hahnemann purportedly discovers Nano particles".
Prof Bell quotes from:
Organon of Medicine
Dr Samuel Hahnemann
Aphorism 269 - in relation to potentisation and preparation of medicines:

"This remarkable alteration in the properties of natural bodies is achieved through mechanical action on their smallest particles"

Professor Bell then continues a very interesting presentation about Silica Nanoparticles.
You may view the full presentation at the following site: