I offer consultations in a private home clinic at Arana Hills, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
My aspiration to support people with their health ambitions spans  20 years. 

My experience extends across:
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Arana Hills,
Brisbane, QLD
Australia 4054
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Health Scientist / Homeopath
Mark Bethune
BHSc, Adv. Dip HSc (Hom), FIIAH

Registered: (AROH)
Australian Register of Homeopaths

(Some Health Insurance Companies in Australia, may provide rebates for Homeopathic consultations provided by AROH registered practitioners under some types of policies). 
Member: (AHA)
Australian Homeopathic Association

Fellow: (IIAH)
International Institute of Advanced Homeopathy 

Appointments may be booked depending on availability 9am to 7pm weekdays and weekends and may be made via email or phone.

Consultations cost $A50 per visit.
Any homeopathic preparations prescribed and supplied are also charged accordingly.
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Your health is your most important asset. It makes sense to invest in maintaining optimal health.


It is unfortunate that today in Australia many people are unaware of the potential benefits of Homeopathy and other CAM therapies. On a personal level, the private investment I have made in health study and experience has certainly paid dividends for my health. 


Homeopathic preparations
- private practice 

- supply of health and product advice to health professionals, pharmacies and health stores in Australia and New Zealand.

- manufacturing operations and distribution of therapeutic products.